Welcome to the Waterproofing Warehouse. We supply to the general public - DIY market, waterproofing applicators and tradesmen. We are a distributor and retailer for over 20 different producers of waterproofing membranes, sealants, cementitious products & accessories. Waterproofing Warehouse distributes goods to anywhere on the east coast of Australia & to most of the country as well. We can even ship product overseas if required. Our website is being updated constantly with the latest data on our products. Visit our data sheet page.

Providing quality goods to the Gold Coast since September 1992, we are constantly called upon to provide information and specifications to new waterproofing projects and restorations of architectural structures requiring waterproofing (or refurbishment) and more...

Waterproofing Warehouse provides up to date information on construction methods and prices on a huge range of products including waterproofing membranes, bathroom waterproofing, shower waterproofing, bathroom renovations. New products are constantly being added to the market to keep up with demand on the latest building technologies.

Waterproofing Warehouse doesn't just sell quality...we sell perfection!

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